A diversity of experiences.

A diversity of relationships.

A diversity of tactics.

A diversity of possibilities.

Nate Garvis

I am a student of nearly everything.  With a significant background in formal policy making and corporate social responsibility activities, I have learned the rules and how to break them.  As a senior fellow at the Lewis Institute and Social Innovation Lab at Babson College and co-founder of the Studio/E exploratory community, I am steeped in the tools and practices of creating pathways of value where there are no instructions.  This nonlinear background results in more than outside-the-box thinking: I engage in "deny-the-box" action.


In a world defined by anger and polarity, my politics are radically independent and I always choose the path of forward over right and left.  I wield a personal practice of curiosity, generosity and diplomacy that allows me to produce environments that harmonizes individuals into purposeful alignment.  

Leading is different than just winning.  If you're interested in finding reward and success in the growing marketplace of people who don't want to buy things, but desire to put their energies towards buying into better things, I'd be grateful for the opportunity to support your success.

Here are some examples of where I've counseled and guided leaders in creating their own rules of the road.

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Let’s create that more prosperous tomorrow.

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