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A diversity of relationships.

A diversity of tactics.

A diversity of possibilities.

Nate Garvis

I come with a distinctive and effective civic insight that harnesses the arc of societal movement with proven perspectives on how the public regulates itself culturally in ways that go beyond the traditional methods of laws, rules and regulations.  

With extensive international experiences and a broad formal and informal education in history, law, anthropology, philosophy, futurism and neuropsychology, I am a keen student of human interaction from local to global vantage points.

Ideation, connective intelligence, articulation and influencing strategies are my specialities. My professional expertise has been applied in nearly every sector of the economy.

Leading is different than just winning. If you're interested in finding reward and success in the growing marketplace of people who don't want to buy things, but desire to put their energies towards buying into better things, I'd be grateful for the opportunity to support your success.

Here are some examples of where I've counseled and guided leaders in creating their own rules of the road.

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Let’s create that more prosperous tomorrow.

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